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Tuesday, 2 May, 2017

Can you help deaf but handsome Herbie find a home? – Echo

A FRIENDLY and clever dog is desperate for a new home after constantly being overlooked because of his deafness.

Despite his disability, one-year-old Herbie has impressed staff at the Basildon Dogs Trust by quickly picking up sign language training and learning how to sit and respond to hand signals.

Kirsty McCallion, 31, who lives just off London Road, Wickford and works a canine carer and trainer at the Dogs Trust Basildon, said: “Herbie has picked up hand signals and agility training tremendously well – he’s such a fast learner. I’ve taught him that two thumbs-up denotes ‘good boy’, and when he sees my thumbs facing upwards, he furiously wags his tail and knows he’ll be rewarded with a tasty treat!”

“Unfortunately there is still a hesitancy in adopting deaf dogs, which sadly means they are often overlooked. We just hope that people can look past Herbie’s deafness, as he would make a lovely pet for the right owner.

“He might be lacking in the hearing department but he certainly doesn’t lack in personality; he’s such a fun-loving dog with tonnes of energy.”

Dogs Trust Basildon Rehoming Centre Manager, Lisa Cooper, said: “Our behaviour team here at Dogs Trust Basildon can provide support to Herbie’s new family to help them learn sign language techniques to ensure that he continues to develop as a happy, confident dog. Training a deaf dog isn’t any harder – it just requires different methods.

“Deaf dogs can have a perfectly normal life and can be trained fairly easily; Herbie just needs a patient and understanding home where he can build his confidence knowing he’s going to be looked after and loved.”

Keen to explore new places and play with his toys, Herbie has lots of love to give and needs adopters who are willing to work with him to help him achieve his sky-high potential. Food and toys are the way to this lovely boy’s heart and, once he has got to know you, he enjoys a fuss being made of him.

Herbie would be best suited to a home without children or other animals as, understandably, he doesn’t like to be approached unexpectedly. He would like his owners to be around for most of the time to start off with as he loves human company. Call 0300 303 0292 or visit dogstrust.org.uk

Source: Can you help deaf but handsome Herbie find a home? – Echo

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