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Tuesday, 7 March, 2023

Can Reiki Help Amputees Manage Anxiety and Pain? – Amplitude Magazine

We can’t be totally sure that Melissa D’Errico is the only person on earth who practices usui reiki with one hand. But if anybody wants to wager there’s a second amputee reiki master out there, we’ll take the bet. D’Errico was just 16 when she began learning this traditional Japanese healing art, which (per multiple studies) can provide relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other challenges that often accompany limb loss.

A congenital upper-limb amputee, D’Errico is familiar with the health battles that amputees commonly face. She was so self-conscious about her limb difference that it took her most of a decade to recognize herself as a fully empowered reiki master. “I was born without my left hand,” she tells Amplitude. “So I just thought, ‘I’m probably only half-good at this.’”

Read more at: https://livingwithamplitude.com/amputee-reiki-master/

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