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Friday, 31 March, 2023

Building a Community-Based Amputee Resource Directory – Amplitude Magazine

A very clear message emerged from the results of last year’s Amputee Community Survey, which Amplitude co-sponsored with The Liner Wand: Amputees need an easier way to find programs and services that can make their lives better.

There’s plenty of information out there. But it’s so disorganized, and dispersed across so many sites, that you can exhaust yourself scrolling through Google results without ever finding what you’re looking for.

That helps explain why only 30 percent of the Survey’s respondents say they feel connected to the amputee community. And why half say they’re not connected to an adaptive sports program, but wish they were. And why so many people struggle to find programs to help them afford a prosthesis, get job training, improve their mental health, support amputee kids, understand SSDI benefits, or find a summer camp for their amputee kids.

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