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Wednesday, 30 March, 2022

British Science Week: Our research impact – Brain Tumour Research

On the first day of British Science Week, Director of Research, Policy and Innovation at Brain Tumour Research, Dr Karen Noble, shares an insight into the impact of the research the charity is funding at its UK Centres of Excellence and the pioneering discoveries being made.
The theme of British Science Week this year is ‘Growth’ and I am delighted to be shining a spotlight on the ground-breaking progress being made at our Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence.
This financial year, we’re granting £2.5 million to our Research Centres and BRAIN UK, the virtual brain tumour tissue registry based at the University of Southampton. Our research programmes remained resilient throughout the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and their continuing success is highlighted by the increasing number of significant breakthroughs being made.
Read more at: https://www.braintumourresearch.org/media/our-blog/blog-item/our-blog/2022/03/11/british-science-week-our-research-impact

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