Brazil once vaccinated 10 million people for polio in a day. What went wrong with COVID-19? – National Geographic UK

A senior citizen receives a dose of Chinese-developed COVID-19 vaccine in Brasilia, Brazil, on March 22, 2021. Brazil on Monday said 1,383 more people died from the novel coronavirus disease in the previous 24 hours, raising the national death toll to 295,425. According to the Ministry of Health, tests detected 49,293 new cases, bringing the nationwide count to 12,047,526. Brazil is one of the countries hardest hit by the virus worldwide in terms of both deaths and cases, second only to the United States.

With deaths surpassing 390,000 and COVID-19 cases continuing to rise throughout Brazil, experts say vaccinating the country’s population of more than 200 million should be the top priority.

Praised worldwide for its National Immunisation Program, Brazil was expected to have an edge in protecting its population against the coronavirus. Previous vaccination campaigns in the country—some vaccinating millions in just one day—have gone off without a hitch and serve as prime examples of tight immunisation logistics. But erratic planning, a virus-denying president, and a vocal anti-vaccine movement have set the country up for failure as it faces wave after wave of coronavirus infections.

Brazil’s death toll is now second only to the United States. According to Our World in Data, it’s ranked first in the Americas, with 1,756 deaths per million. On its worst day since the start of the outbreak, April 6, Brazil registered more than 4,000 deaths. Then it happened again two days later.

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