Brave boy with muscle-wasting disease is determined to achieve his dreams –

Draven Jefferies has Duchenne muscular dystrophy which will soon confine him to a wheelchair and could claim his life.

But brave Draven has drawn up a “bucket list” of things he wants to do.

He plans to swim with dolphins, go in a submarine and feed bears at a wildlife park.

Other must-dos include owning a fish, meeting lots of animals and going to Disneyland in Paris.

His parents Jemma Godden, 33, and Jason Jefferies, 37, are working against time to make sure as many of his dreams, based on his love of animals, come true.

Mr Jefferies, of Hawkinge, Kent, said: “There is no treatment for him – Duchenne muscular dystrophy is like a bad cherry on top of the things you don’t want. He’s never going to get better.

“It’s really hard because he knows his legs don’t work properly and he’s such a strong-minded child but he doesn’t know what’s wrong to the extent we do.”

Soon after Draven was born he spent eight months in intensive care, following an emergency operation for a severe problem with his oesophagus.

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