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Wednesday, 15 May, 2019

Brain injury and the importance of rehabilitation – Lexology

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Head injuries can affect us at any time in our lives – during birth, in the workplace, playing sports or in a car accident. There are a number of potential causes. While the majority of people who suffer head injury will experience no lasting effects, many others will be left with traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can be devastating and have life-long implications.

I currently act for a client who suffered a TBI following an accident at work. A TBI occurs when there is damage to brain tissue following excessive force or a blow to the head. A head injury is typically referred to as “closed” or “open”.

A “closed” head injury is the more common type of head injury. Although there may be significant impact to the head, the bones of the skull remain intact.

An “open” head injury occurs if an object has penetrated the skull and areas of the brain have been damaged. While these injuries are not as common, they can cause a significant amount of damage, depending on what part of the brain has been affected.

Depending on the extent of the damage to the brain, recovery can take months or even years. However, some brain injuries are so severe that the individual may never be the same again. In my client’s case, she had suffered a significant blow to the head and has lost movement down one side of her body. She initially lost all memory, including the memory of those whom she was closest to. Serious head injuries can place a significant strain, not only on the injured person but also their family members. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that a rehabilitation plan is put in place at an early stage to support, not only the individual, but their family too.

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