Boy with Down Syndrome helps take care of his three disabled brothers – Daily Mail

A little boy from Bulgaria who has Down’s Syndrome has bonded with his new American family by helping to take care of his three disabled brothers- despite not being able to speak English yet.

Simon Clark is just four-years-old, yet helps his PE teacher father Jeremy, 33, and nurse mother Nicole, 31, from Utah, feed and dress adopted brothers Alex, six, who also has Down’s Syndrome, as well as David, five, and Jon, six, who both have Cerebral Palsy.

In adorable footage, the exuberant youngster tirelessly darts around from one duty to another, at home in Salt Lake City, before delivering sweet goodnight kisses to all of his sibling.

Since moving from Bulgaria last month, Simon- originally known as Zadock, helps his siblings eat using spoons and feeding syringes before putting them to bed, and even spends most of his time playing with them in the living room and garden.

Speaking about the youngster’s incredible spirit, Jeremy, who has extensive experience training children with special needs, said: ‘Last month, Simon joined our family from Bulgaria.

‘He is the fourth Bulgarian child I and my wife have adopted.

‘He’s enjoyed the company of his brothers quite a bit, he jumped right in and started playing and taking care of his brothers.

‘Since Simon has joined us, the days have become longer, they start a bit earlier and end a bit later and there’s more time to be a good parent.’

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