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Sunday, 14 May, 2023

Boy, eight, in hospital after having stroke in playground — Coventry Live

An eight-year-old boy who teachers thought had fallen and hurt his leg was airlifted to hospital after he was found to have had a stroke in the playground. Teachers said they were unable to work out what Kaiden Turner was saying when he fell ill just before home-time.

Mum, Yvonne Williams, was picking up his younger sister on Friday afternoon and rushed to her son’s side after a teacher told her Kaiden was hurt, reports WalesOnline. She said: “A teacher came for me to inform me Kaiden had had a fall and had hurt his leg. He said they weren’t getting much sense out of him and could I try and speak to him. Nothing could have prepared me for the scene. Minutes later when we walked around to him he was being violently sick and then he fell unconscious.”

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