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Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

Birmingham Arena staff ‘isolate’ disabled teen and dog – BBC News

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Concert staff refused to let a disabled teenager and her assistance dog sit in seats she booked to see TV’s Supervet in case people had allergies.

Abby Cappleman, 18, and her mother Julie, who is also disabled, had to sit in isolation at the back of Birmingham Arena to watch Noel Fitzpatrick’s show.

Abby, who blogs about her difficulties accessing services, said: “We were treated like we had a disease.”

A spokeswoman told the BBC the venue “apologised unreservedly”.

In a video posted on her Facebook page Chloe the Assistance Dog, a security guard can be heard telling Abby she cannot sit in her booked seats for “health and safety reasons” because people might have “allergies”.

“Even Noel had his dog on stage at the end of the show,” said Abby.

The Shropshire teenager has Asperger’s syndrome and is supported by Chloe the shih tzu, who helps her to lead an independent life outside of home.

She had booked tickets for Fitzpatrick’s Welcome To My World tour several months ago and travelled 35 miles from her home in Telford to the event on Saturday.

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