Bipolar Disorder Myths and Facts: 9 Common Myths About Bipolar Disorder – Parade

Millions of people live with bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic-depressive disorder, including Demi Lovato, Kayne West, Linda Hamilton, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. In fact, bipolar disorder affects approximately 3 percent of the adult population. This means that 46 million people have or will be diagnosed with this condition. And yet, despite its prevalence, there are a lot of myths surrounding bipolar disorder. It is a condition that is full of misconceptions and understandings.

“Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder where people experience two distinct episodes: depression and mania/hypomania,” Isabelle Morley, a licensed clinical psychologist, tells “People with this disorder can have significant mood shifts where they feel and behave very differently. However, the symptoms of bipolar disorder can vary widely, and this leads to misinformation.” The public perception of bipolar disorder is one that is very skewed and misunderstood.

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