Bipolar Disorder and the Importance of Sleep – The Good Men Project

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by episodes of highs (mania) and lows (depression. A person with bipolar can feel euphoric when they’re manic and so low that they can’t get out of bed when they’re depressed. It’s crucial to get adequate treatment for bipolar disorder by seeing a therapist and talking to a psychiatrist about the right medications for the condition. Another essential aspect of living with bipolar is lifestyle changes. A huge part of keeping mentally stable is getting adequate rest. Sleep influences your mental health and helps a person manage the ups and downs of bipolar.

Why does sleep matter so much?

When you sleep, your brain has the opportunity to shut down, relax, and reset. Scientists believe that during sleep, you store long-term memories. According to scientific research, it’s estimated that around 65% to 90% of adults with major depression have sleep problems, including insomnia. That’s a clear correlation between poor sleep and depressed mood. The inference is that if you do sleep well, it’s better for your mood. Sleeping well has a stabilizing effect on people with bipolar disorder.

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