Billy Connolly forced to explain he has Parkinson’s to American piper who spots his fingers shaking in STV show – The Scottish Sun

SIR Billy Connolly was forced to explain he had Parkinson’s to an American bagpiper after the musician spotted his fingers shaking.

In a clip from his Great American Trail show, the Scots comedian met with a traditional piping band in New Jersey.

The Big Yin, 76, was watching St Columcille United Gaelic Pipe Band in action for his new TV show when band leader Joe McGonigal thought he was pretending to play along.

Unaware of his condition, Joe asked: “I see your fingers going. Have you got the chanter way?”

In his typical comic style, the funnyman replied: “No, I’ve got Parkinson’s, it’s second best to playing the pipes.”

The 76-year-old was speaking to the Scottish-style pipes and drums band for the second instalment of his STV show.

Sir Billy shocked fans by announcing his retirement from stand-up last December due to his battle with Parkinson’s.

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