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Able Magazine recently launched its employment initiative, Be The Difference, with the aim of helping more disabled people find employment. We’ve teamed up with Able Magazine to encourage more employers to be inclusive and help pair disabled people with the right employers. Find out more about this initiative and how it can help you to find work.

Many disabled people remain frustrated and disenfranchised at the seeming lack of opportunity for them in the workplace. Be The Difference is an attempt to make a real change, working towards closing the employment gap for disabled people.

According to the Office for National Statistics figures, 81% of able-bodied people are employed. In stark contrast, just 38% of disabled people aged 16 to 24 are employed, and for those aged 25 to 49, it’s 56%. This huge disparity has hardly improved in a decade, despite plenty of promises and initiatives.

Be The Difference

We want employers to ‘be the difference’ – to stand out from the crowd as an employer that’s passionate about including valuable disabled employees.

Having launched in July, we’ve been signing up inclusive employment partners and publicising their vision for accessible employment through our print magazine and online and social media platforms.

Our main aim is to match disabled people with suitable, inclusive employers.

We’ve achieved a lot already – 15 partners have signed up – but there is much more to be done. We’re continuing to reach out to more like-minded employers to join Be the Difference. This gives them the opportunity to post jobs, find great candidates and share case studies of success stories.

We’re so pleased to be raising awareness of employers specifically looking to employ disabled people.

How we can help you get into work if you’re disabled

Not only are we making noise about inclusive employment, we’re also actively helping disabled people find work too.

Anyone who gets in touch with us will be signposted towards the most appropriate support organisations and employers. We will make it easier for you to not only find the support you need, but also to make direct contact with the people who are striving to make their businesses or organisations more inclusive.

We’ve also created the ideal forum to discuss disability-specific recruitment opportunities. And we are encouraging businesses to be proactive in tackling what amounts to a recruitment crisis among disabled people by engaging with them.

We’ve always been positive about disability and focused on what disabled people can do, not what they can’t. Be The Difference is an opportunity for us to make real change and is a challenge to other businesses and organisations to do likewise.

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