Adalind Judd suffers epilepsy where spasms occurs daily – Daily Mail

Australian Toddler Diagnosed with West Syndrome

Little Adalind Judd was in her pram at the supermarket with her parents when her eyes started to roll back.

At just five months old, the girl, from Cowra in the Central West region of New South Wales, fell into a seizure earlier this year.

Her doting parents rushed her to an emergency room at a hospital to reassure themselves their baby daughter was fine.

But their lives changed dramatically after she was diagnosed with West syndrome – a form of epilepsy in infants.

The toddler is thought to be one of just 30 babies diagnosed in Australia each year with the extremely rare condition, also known as ‘infantile spasms’.

At her worst, the now-17-month-old suffers clusters of spasms in uncontrolled bursts up to four times a day, each lasting around eight minutes.

‘She has little jerk movements, her eyes roll and her arms shake 50 times in eight minutes,’ her mother Sherrie Judd told Daily Mail Australia.

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