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Friday, 30 September, 2022

Assistive technology — Royal National Institute of Blind

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Using a computer with low vision

There are many ways in which partially sighted people can use computers. For some people the answer may be as simple as a larger monitor or changing the display to enlarge fonts and icons or change the colour scheme and so on. Other people will use a piece of magnification software to increase the size of a small part of the screen to fill the viewable area. Some people may want support from synthetic speech to read text to them.

Using a computer with no vision

It is quite possible for someone with no useful vision to use a computer. Most blind computer users navigate through the system and control programs using the keyboard and a screen reader to read text from the screen by artificial speech. For those unable to use a standard keyboard there are adapted keyboards and voice recognition technologies available.

Read more at: https://www.rnib.org.uk/your-eyes/navigating-sight-loss/assistive-technology/

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