Artificial Limbs Market Likely to Witness Rising Demand for Electrically Powered or Myoelectric Segment – BioSpace

Image by RAEng_Publications from Pixabay

Artificial Limbs Market: Snapshot

Artificial limb prosthetics are tools that help in carrying out the function of a lost limb. Using artificial limb, an individual can perform their regular activities such as walking, dressing, and eating efficiently. Some advanced artificial limbs offer superior functionality, almost comparable to original body part. The growth of the global artificial limbs market is estimated to be influenced by rising rate of diabetes and vascular diseases in the world.

A survey from the National Limb Loss Information Center states that the number of individuals in the U.S. who have lost limb due to any reasons is around 1.7 million. According to other estimation, one in every 200 persons from the U.S. has gone through an amputation process. Trauma, vascular complications (essentially diabetes), and cancer are said to be the most widespread reason for these amputations. All these statics demonstrate the growth avenues for the global artificial limbs market during upcoming period.

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