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Tuesday, 20 June, 2023

Amputees reveal how they travel and the woes of TSA checks — Daily Mail

When you’ve got a prosthetic limb, travel becomes slightly trickier as these amputees reveal.

Speaking out on TikTok, the prosthetic wearers explain some of their travel woes and tricks for a more comfortable vacation.

In one clip 23-year-old Canadian Paralympic track star Marissa Papaconstantinou, who was born without her right foot, reveals how she packed for a tour across Europe.

She explains that she always keeps her leg on her and she has become ‘good at playing Tetris’ as arranging her bag is quite a puzzle, with a running blade, her everyday prosthetic and her lifting leg to fit into a tight space.

So that her legs don’t get damaged, she says she makes sure to pack them with lots of clothes.

‘Traveling light is definitely not an option for me,’ the athlete muses.

Jo Beckwith, who decided to have her foot amputated after years of pain from a childhood horseback riding injury, also reveals to viewers what she needs to pack ahead of a big trip.

‘Number one is kinda obvious, you know, bring my leg,’ she jokes.

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