Ambulatory assessment smartphone app ‘promising addition’ to depression screening tools – Healio

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Mood indicators assessed in an ambulatory setting appeared to be a promising addition to multimodal depression screening tools, according to study results published in PLOS One.

“[Ambulatory assessment] is a feasible approach to repeatedly assess mood ratings over a longer period, which is the basis for the calculation of mood indices,” Sebastian Burchert, Dipl.-Psych, of the department of education and psychology at the Free University of Berlin, and colleagues wrote. “Progress in this field of research has the potential to translate into improved mental health screening algorithms that go beyond the standard assessments. In this context, it has also been pointed out that combinations of multiple measurements on the basis of mobile technology may improve diagnostic accuracy and the prediction of treatment trajectories in the mental health field, an approach that is already far more common in medical diagnostics.”

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