Aluminium could cause multiple sclerosis, say scientists who link the disease to high levels of metal in the brain – Daily Mail

Aluminium may cause multiple sclerosis (MS), new research suggests.

Deceased patients have significantly high levels of the metal in their brains, a study found.

Exposure to aluminium, which is added to vaccines and antiperspirants, is thought to interact with a patient’s genes, causing their immune system to mistakenly attack the layer that surrounds nerves.

Lead author Professor Chris Exley, from Keele University, claims the build up of aluminium in MS sufferers’ brains ‘cannot be ignored’.

The metal has previously been linked to Alzheimer’s, with research suggesting dead patients also have higher levels of the metal in their brains than those without the disease.

How the research was carried out

The researchers analysed the brain tissue of 14 deceased MS patients.

The patients were aged between 39 and 82 years old when they died, with eight being female.

The findings were published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

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