After a mild winter, be wary of ticks, potential for Lyme Disease – The Morning Call

A mild winter could spawn many ticks. (Konstntin Nechaev/Dreamstime/TNS)

When 9-year-old Hunter Sauers of Mifflinburg complained of joint pain in the early summer six years ago, his family assumed it was from the normal wear-and-tear of a growing young boy at the tail end of a busy baseball season.

When the headaches began, his mother, Nina, attributed it to him being due for new glasses.

“It was the summertime, and he was a growing boy playing baseball and being active,” she said. “But then he developed a ring-like rash. Then it turned into several rings and it was treated like ringworm, but the antifungal cream didn’t work. Soon the rash was running from head to toe.”

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