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The widely quoted idea of American firearms instructor and author Jeff Cooper that “safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands” is also at the core of what it means to have a safe culture in care. It is essential to continually reflect on how care can be improved to ensure it is safe, clean and personal every time (SCAPE); this article discusses a project to do this for learning disability care in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The idea of ensuring care is SCAPE was originally devised in 2008 by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. It now forms part of the States of Guernsey’s (2016) Care Values Framework 2017-2020, which comprises six key principles that guide developments in health and social care in Guernsey (Box 1), fitting most comfortably within principle two: to deliver safe and effective, harm-free care.

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