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Independence is incredibly valuable to everyone, but that is particularly the case if you’re disabled. It can give you confidence, self-belief and a sense of achievement. It can make you feel more included and part of a community. But many disabled people fear this isn’t possible for them. Disability charity Leonard Cheshire wants to show that it is by celebrating the accomplishments of disabled people in securing independence with its new campaign Actually I Can.

Read on to find out more about the campaign, see how other disabled people have got to where they want to be, and what support and services Leonard Cheshire can provide to help you get there too.

Independence can mean different things to so many disabled people. For some, it’s getting a job, starting up a business, or achieving educational qualifications. For others, it is moving into an accessible home or finding the right personal assistants. It might even be travelling around the world or taking part in adrenaline-filled adventures.

You might look at this list and think that they’re unattainable as a disabled person, after all, we all know that there are often barriers to achieving independence and dreams for us. However, with the right support, almost anything can be achieved – no matter what your disability or circumstances.

Actually I Can

The Actually I Can campaign aims to highlight positive and uplifting stories from real disabled people about their own journey to independence.

It’s here to prove that attaining your goal of independence IS possible, despite any obstacles that are put in your way. This could be from the attitudes you face, the physical environment or your finances. Whatever they may be, through Actually I Can, other disabled people are showing that there are ways around almost anything.

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