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Tuesday, 8 November, 2022

Accessible Bathrooms Can Be Both Functional and Stylish – New Mobility

An accessible bathroom that works for your specific needs is an essential part of any well-planned home remodel. Whether you want a roll-in shower, an accessible tub or a wet room, putting a little extra thought into the layout and products that go into your redesign can go a long way toward making it a room where you can truly take care of yourself.

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Embrace Your Style

When Rosemarie Rossetti built her groundbreaking accessible home over a decade ago, options for stylish ADA-compliant appliances were few and far between. Today, leading manufacturers like Kohler and Moen have robust lines of sinks, grab bars, shower accessories and more. “There are a lot more options today that allow you to build spaces with styles that you love,” she says. Find out more about Rossetti and the Universal Design Living Laboratory at opens in a new windowudll.com

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