Academy for Disabled Journalists announces Kirsteen Allison as AccessRating competition winner

The Academy for Disabled Journalists was approached by Mark Esho of AccessRating to run a competition for its students to provide an article promoting their new Accessibility Review App. A brief was provided and the students were given background information to create a suitable article.

Magazine Article on AcessRating App with photograph of journalist and logosAbility Today is pleased to announce that the winner is ADJ student Kirsteen Allison.

The article is going to be published in the quarterly newsletter of the “Commercial Furniture Advisory Service” who wanted to help spread some awareness of the Access Rating app amongst its 31,000 readers and the benefits of adopting an inclusive approach to business, in particular, the furnishing of the office environment to meet the needs of all staff and clients.
“We were delighted to receive such a high-quality article from your student Kirsteen it was extremely informative and with a limited brief explained the key areas of our organisation very well, we particularly loved the mention of encouraging business to attract ‘diverse talent” as this is some we are striving to achieve with Access Rating. The future of journalism is extremely bright with talent like Kirsteen Allison” quoted AccessRating
The Academy for Disabled Journalists was launched in May 2020 in partnership with the NCTJ and backed by the National Lottery providing accessible tuition.  Kirsteen Allison is one of the founder students of the Academy currently studying towards obtaining a Certificate of Foundation in Journalism.  ‘Journalism was always a career interest of mine and I wanted to further my develop my research and reporting skills.  I am also passionate about disability matters and getting our voice heard.  This means to achieve that.’
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