Abandoned, forgotten and ignored’ – report shows Coronavirus’ impact on disabled people – Disability Rights UK

Inclusion London has launched its interim report based on hundreds of responses to its Social Care survey.

The report paints a stark picture according to the pan-London DPO:

“From the outset, disabled people have been discriminated against, forgotten, and in some cases abandoned as policymakers have ignored our needs. Or, at best considered us as an afterthought.

“During the pandemic disabled people saw our legal rights diminished, we experienced resource rationing and blanket policies. This led to many of us struggling to get bare necessities, losing support and independence and living in fear for our lives.

“The pandemic has shone a light on the long-standing structural inequalities and discrimination that deaf and disabled people experience. The dreadful disparities are reflected in the grim data released by the Office for National Statistics, which says disabled people were about twice as likely to die from Covid-19.

“Despite the shocking statistics, the plight of disabled people was largely missing from public discourse. We are publishing this report to give voice to people who shared their experience with us.”

Click here to read full article https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/2020/june/abandoned-forgotten-and-ignored-%E2%80%93-report-shows-coronavirus-impact-disabled-people


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