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It’s not too often I watch a movie that talks about disability in any way. It’s not because I am unwilling to be open about disability being portrayed in a movie, but because I find most times the representation of people with disabilities in a film or other artistic endeavor is negatively skewed. Some movie roles have shown an inaccurate depiction of what it’s like to have a disability. People with disabilities have been shown as weak, or like they can’t take care of themselves. It always makes me think of characters like Quasimodo and how hard the disability community has had to fight to overcome such antiquated stereotypes.

Since starting the blog, one of my goals has been to increase disability awareness in different areas. One of those areas is disability representation in the media. Continued debate exists about allowing actors with disabilities to fill roles that portray someone with a disability. The other issue is the way people with disabilities are depicted in the media. Because of various reasons, we are depicted mostly in a negative light. It makes me wonder if the way Hollywood shows a person with a disability contributes to overall misconceptions society has surrounding people with disabilities.

The movie I was lucky enough to watch is “The Fault in Our Stars.” There is also a book by the same name. Honestly, I was apprehensive about seeing the movie. I had heard different things about it that made it seem like it was just another movie that shined a negative light on people with disabilities. Despite what I had heard, I decided to give it a chance. I am so glad I did. Although the movie was sad, it gave what I felt was a realistic depiction of living with a disability.

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