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Sunday, 2 July, 2017

A family affair as siblings Ryan and Shona receive well-deserved scrolls from Queen’s – Belfast Telegraph

It will be double joy for Ryan Morrison and his sister Shona as they graduate from Queen’s University today.

The Enniskillen siblings are getting ready to celebrate after three years of studying. Ryan, who has Asperger’s syndrome, has landed his dream job as a software engineer for CME Group in Belfast and will start just two weeks after graduating with his degree in Computing and Information Technology.

Shona, graduating with a degree in Politics and Philosophy, has plans to go into journalism, focusing on politics.

During his time at Queen’s Ryan managed to turn his childhood dream of flying a plane into a reality when he joined the Gliding Club, as well as competing with the Ultimate Frisbee team.

“Queen’s University offers some of the best support for disabled students that I’ve heard of,” he said.

“Even before I started I was asked to come up and speak to a Disability Officer to ascertain what support I would require. They’ve always been there if I need anything, but they also have that ability to take a step back and really allow you to be independent as long as you’re comfortable. I feel the support has allowed me to really maximise my experience here, as it has always been of a great help, but never intrusive.”

He added: “In a roundabout way of thinking, with Asperger’s, every experience is a good one, because you learn something, and since I’ve arrived here learning has been an almost daily occurrence, both in university and outside of it. Being part of a student body with such a rich, diverse and vibrant community has allowed me to peer into the window of pastimes, cultures and knowledge that makes the university experience just that bit more fruitful.

“It has allowed me to try my hand at new things, while indulging my enthusiasm for others.”

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