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Thursday, 2 February, 2023

5 Well-known Musicians with Autism — Music Times

The symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) include difficulties in social interaction and communication. Nevertheless, many people with autism have achieved remarkable success in diverse disciplines, including musicality. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at the lives and work of five well-known artists who have been diagnosed with autism and gone on to make important contributions to the music business.

James Durbin

The heavy metal/hard rock singer and guitarist James William Durbin from Santa Cruz, California, came in fourth place in the tenth season of American Idol. His high-octane rocker songs on American Idol were only one of the things that made James stand out. He also happens to have Tourette Syndrome and Asperger Syndrome (now categorized as an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD). Tics were evident on video, but singing was a proven way to eliminate them. He is now Quiet Riot’s lead singer.

Read more at: https://www.musictimes.com/articles/89946/20230131/5-well-known-musicians-with-autism.htm

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