5 Organizations for Prosthetic Care in Developing Countries – Borgen Project

Around the globe, prosthetic devices enable amputees to confront the physical, social and emotional challenges of daily life. There is a particular demand for prosthetic care in developing countries, where amputees rely on prosthetic limbs to survive in under-resourced economies and healthcare systems. Unfortunately, this need often goes unmet due to challenges with infrastructure and technology as well as the lack of organizations for prosthetic care. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that only 5% of the 40 million amputees in developing countries have access to the prosthetic care they need. As the number of amputees only increases in these countries, advocates from all corners of the globe have instigated a call to action to work toward providing prosthetic services and changing the lives of amputees in the developing world.

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