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Friday, 16 December, 2022

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users — New Mobility

1. Build Your Ultimate Computer Setup with Microsoft Adaptive Accessories

Whatever your computer interests are — gaming, digital illustration, editing photos or video, creating artfully shot TikToks of your cat’s sleeping habits — having the right controller setup is key. Microsoft’s line of opens in a new windowadaptive accessories includes everything from a mouse to a joystick to a D-pad and buttons, all of which can be combined to create a setup that fits your function and makes clumsy clicking a thing of the past. Prices range from $14.99 to $59.99.

2. Keep an Iron Grip on Your Eggnog with Abilitease Drink Holders

We all need something tasty to sip through the holidays, but navigating your family gathering with a full cup of eggnog or a hot chocolate isn’t so easy. The opens in a new windowAbilitease Drink Holder ($40) has a cuff that comes in three sizes to fit your hand thickness, and a holder that will accommodate most tapered cups and glasses. There’s also a version designed for opens in a new windowcups and bottles ($50), and the opens in a new windowTug-A-Mug ($25) can help you get a coffee mug from point A to point B without spilling or burning your quad hands.

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