Woman with spina bifida says her dates didn’t want to go out with her in public – Metro

A woman with spina bifida says boys asked to date her in secret because they were ashamed to be seen with a ‘midget’.

27-year-old Lila Hart is just 4ft 6ins tall due to a curved spine birth defect which doctors said would leave her unable to walk.

The comedian says her love interests in school said they liked her but couldn’t date her in public because they feared being made fun of.

She also says she was banned from joining a sorority because of her disability and was told by one sister: ‘We didn’t want to be known as the house of the cripple girl.’

Despite the discrimination, Lila has learnt to love her body and happily wears bikinis which show off the surgery scars on her back.

She is now dating a fellow comedian and wants other spina bifida sufferers to know the condition need not hold them back.

Lila, of Los Angeles, California, said: ‘My life changed when I became more confident about my height and my size.

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