Woman who has autism left in tears as Debenhams staff ‘march her out of shop’ – but she’d done nothing wrong – Hull Daily Mail

A vulnerable woman who has autism was left in floods of tears when she was marched out a shop in Hull city centre – even though she’d done nothing wrong.

Katie Cornwall, 22, suffers from autistic Asperger’s syndrome, which means she often doesn’t understand what is happening around her in the same way another person would.

Miss Cornwall regularly shops in the city and can be seen wrapped up wearing bed socks and UGG boots, even at the height of summer, as it makes her feel more comfortable.

But, after shopping in Boots and Debenhams on Thursday, she was reduced to tears.

Her mum, Catherine Cornwall, claims her daughter was followed out of Boots by security staff, who she believes then called ahead to Debenhams to warn them that she may be heading there, which led to her being evicted from the store.

She says she is dismayed at how her daughter’s condition was treated by staff. Boots has already issued an apology for an “honest misunderstanding” while Debenhams has encouraged them to contact the store manager.

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