Colchester hairdresser left house-bound due to Lyme disease was ‘laughed at by GPs’ and told ‘it was all in her mind’ – Essex Live

A Colchester hairdresser has been left feeling “let down” by the NHS after she was told her Lyme disease was “all in her mind”.

Sarah Jackson, 29, from Ash Green, has been left house-bound and forced to wear sunglasses indoors after the NHS failed to diagnose her with Lyme disease.

She claims GP’s “laughed at her” and suggested her symptoms could be due to depression.

The 29-year old began to feel unwell when she moved to Australia in 2013.

Now four years later, she has been left house-bound and relies on her family for round the clock care.

“I came back from Australia because I was so unwell. I went to the doctors and GPs for months and months and was told it was probably depression or that maybe it’s all in my head.”

Sarah experienced extreme fatigue, dizziness, confusion and eye problems.

After visiting several different clinics and seeing nine to ten GPs over a year, Sarah “gave up” on the NHS and began her own research.

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