My Walk with Faith While Living with MD – Muscular Dystrophy News

People are always surprised at how faithful my family is. They think that because of my illness we would automatically throw our faith out the window, or that we would blame God for our circumstances. It’s quite the opposite actually.

Growing up, I wouldn’t exactly say we were a family of devout Christians. I knew why we celebrated Christmas, we went to church as often as possible, and I even went to a Christian pre-school. But that was about it. I don’t remember learning anything in Sunday school. As I became ill my parents would have to piggyback me upstairs, which was where the Sunday school classroom was. There were no elevators. It was a very impractical situation, so we stopped going. Fast forward a few years and we found ourselves at a new church that some friends attended. It’s now our home church. You could say it was “a match made in heaven.”

Every time we went to church I would follow the other kids to Sunday school. Later, I realized I wasn’t learning anything worthwhile. I didn’t want to learn the specifics of every story in the Bible, or to go over everything, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. I wanted to learn about how to improve my relationship with God and what he wanted from me. So, I decided I would start staying with adults. I’ve never gone back to Sunday school.

My muscular dystrophy isn’t something you can see with your eyes. On the outside I look like a regular college-age girl, but I’m not, and I’m so thankful whenever someone understands the struggles my life consists of. That’s why I’m grateful for every person who takes time to care. Even something small like that is a miracle.

I’ve had doctors tell me that I’m faking and family members shun my parents for whatever inaccurate presumptions they have, but that doesn’t erode our faith. Those situations are unfortunate, but they were a blessing in disguise because God led us in a different and better direction.

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