US Airlines Are Now Tracking Wheelchairs They Break or Lose – Multiple Sclerosis News Today

It’s happened to me, and if you fly with a scooter or a wheelchair, I bet it’s happened to you, too: a busted or missing set of wheels on arrival.


On a flight from Washington, D.C., to Venice, my scooter went to Copenhagen. On a flight from Baltimore to St. Kitts, I was happy to see my scooter appear at the cabin door. But where was the back of its seat? Somehow, on this nonstop flight, it had been ripped off and was still in the cargo hold.

But now, when an airline busts or loses a wheelchair or scooter the federal government will be watching. Last October I wrote about a law that reauthorized the budget for the Federal Aviation Administration. That law includes a requirement to draft an “Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights.” One of the bill’s provisions is an obligation for large U.S. airlines to report the number of wheelchairs and scooters they damage or lose. That requirement took effect in early December. The first reports should be available in February. Hopefully, this will result in greater care when handling our wheels.

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