‘I had a twitch in my eye!’ Rebecca Judd says she thought she was going to die after diagnosing herself with motor neurone disease – Daily Mail

She’s the glamorous speech pathologist-turned-WAG known for her candid approach to radio presenting.

And Rebecca Judd, 34, opened up her wardrobe of secrets yet again this week by revealing that she had once mistakenly diagnosed herself with motor neurone disease.

During a segment on KIIS FM’s 3PM Pick Up this Monday, Rebecca confessed that she often consults the internet, known colloquially as Dr Google, with health questions rather than visiting an actual doctor – a habit that has led to dire consequences in the past.

‘I had this twitch in my eye, it was really visible. So my eyelid was twitching and the twitch started running down the right side of my body,’ she recalled.

‘So I had an arm twitch and then I had a leg twitch. So I started Googling it and I ended up on all manner of sites and forums,’ she said.

Then added: ‘It kept pointing to MND – motor neurone disease – which is fatal.’

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