Takeley support worker celebrates 25 years helping adults with learning disabilities live their best life – Hertfordshire Mercury

A 76-year-old support worker is celebrating a milestone anniversary for her work supporting adults with learning disabilities.

Barbara Godwin from Takeley has worked for a charity called Hft for the past 25 years.

Having worked in various finance roles, Barbara entered her profession unexpectedly when she got talking to adults with learning disabilities locally.

She initially worked on an on-call basis in the evenings before applying to become a support worker at the charity when she moved to the county.

For the past quarter of a century, she has helped to provide people with learning disabilities live their best life possible.

Barbara said: “I absolutely love my job and have met so many brilliant people over the last 25 years.

“My greatest achievement has been helping the people I support achieve their goals and learn to do new things.

“For example, during my career I’ve taught lots of people to use public transport independently which makes such a difference, allowing them to go where they want to go and boosting their confidence enormously.”

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