Personal trainer offers session to youngsters with learning disabilities – Sunderland Echo

A kind-hearted personal trainer is helping youngsters with learning disabilities become more at home in the gym in order to get themselves fitter.

Lee Axon, who operates from Mayfair Gym off Durham Road in Sunderland, has offered the service to young people with autism, dyspraxia, ADHD as well as communication and integration issues.

He began working with a number of teenagers in recent months and says the people he has been working with have come on leaps and bounds.

Lee has been into physical fitness and bodybuilding for the past 30 years and admits it was his saviour after he was bullied at school.

In 2017 he made it into the top five at the finals of the National Fitness Awards 2017 Personal Trainer of the Year and in June this year he also competed in his first Strong Man competition at the age of 44.

Lee is now calling on other young people who think they may benefit from his coaching and guidance to contact him.

“The young people I’ve been working with have come on so much in the past five months and I’ve really enjoyed working with them,” said Lee.

“Not only have they improved themselves physically but their confidence has gone up a lot more too.

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