NHS diabetes app could get patients off drugs and save £30million a year – Mirror Online

A diet app could rid sufferers of diabetes and save the NHS £30million in a year.

Creators of the LowCarb- Program for people with Type 2 diabetes say one in four users polled were able to come off drugs – and shed an average 17lbs.

The 12-week plan has been available for three years and more than 300,000 have used it. Now the £29.99 smartphone app has been approved by the NHS and could save each GP £835 a year in drugs.

Charlotte Summers, of Diabetes Digital Media, said: “In 2018 over 13,000 people in England completed the LowCarbProgram, saving the NHS £10.8m.

“We expect that to increase three-fold with a saving of more than £30million in 12 months.”

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