New Year, New Beginnings – Friedreich’s Ataxia News

An approaching new year means multiple things to different people. A new year can mean starting over or aspiring to new goals or resolutions. It is an appropriate time to be happy and to seek a fresh start to be the best version of yourself.

Regarding life with Friedreich’s ataxia, 2018 was a breakthrough year for me. The biggest transition was using a medical assistance device, my rollator.

This was both an emotional and physical challenge for me to overcome. Emotionally, it was hard to accept that my Friedreich’s ataxia continues to progress slowly. Physically, I did not want people’s perception of me to change. It turns out that undertaking this transition was well worth it. (I have my husband, Justin, to thank for encouraging me!) It puts my emotions, and those of loved ones, at ease to know I am safe when walking. It also helps tremendously in battling fatigue. Anyone who understands, or tries to understand, looks past the use of my rollator and sees only me.

With 2019 here, I feel confident that I can continue to achieve other goals related to this disease, thanks to my transition from walking freely to walking with a rollator.

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