Multivitamins and mineral supplements won’t save you from heart disease deaths, finds study – The Independent

Multivitamins and minerals have no benefit in preventing heart attacks, strokes or cardiovascular disease, an analysis of more than two million participants has found.

A multibillion dollar industry, the supplements are often marketed with a wide array of health-promoting claims.

But researchers from the University of Alabama, who followed more than two million people from 18 trials of nutritional supplements, saw no evidence they could lower heart disease deaths.

Instead, the study suggested that people may not be taking more effective lifestyle and dietary steps to improve their health because they are relying too much on supplements.

“It has been exceptionally difficult to convince people, including nutritional researchers, to acknowledge that multivitamin and mineral supplements don’t prevent cardiovascular diseases,” said the study’s lead author Dr Joonseok Kim, an assistant professor of cardiology in the department of medicine at the University of Alabama.

“I hope our study findings help decrease the hype around multivitamin and mineral supplements and encourage people to use proven methods to reduce their risk of cardiovascular diseases – such as eating more fruit and vegetables, exercising and avoiding tobacco.”

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