Medicinal cannabis oil brought into UK legally for first time as mother of epileptic boy hails ‘momentous occasion’ – The Independent

A woman has legally brought medicinal cannabis oil into the UK in the first-known successful attempt since the government paved the way for reforms.

Hannah Deacon, a mother of a boy with epilepsy, was allowed to pass through London City Airport on Tuesday carrying a five-month supply of the banned drug from Amsterdam.

Licences for her son, Alfie Dingley, to be treated using cannabis were granted by the Home Office on 19 June after a long-running battle.

It came the same day a young girl waiting for her own cannabis oil licence was rushed to hospital and placed on life support.

Sophia Gibson, six, from Newtownards, County Down, suffers from a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. Her parents, Danielle and Darren, say the medication relieves their daughter’s condition.

Ms Deacon touched down at 6.18pm, having brought the medication on a British Airways flight from the Netherlands, where the drug is manufactured.

“Today, for the first time ever in this country, we have bought back THC oil through the airport legally, which is amazing,” Ms Deacon said after passing through customs.

“It is very, very important for him to have a normal, happy life so it’s a momentous occasion for us, his whole family and for him, most importantly.”

Less than half an hour after touching down the full-time carer, of Kenilworth, Warwickshire, made it through customs to be met by her mother Maggie Deacon in a jubilant scene.

She was carrying 30 millilitres of the treatment containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which should last five months and, she said, reduces the boy’s seizures from more than 300 to one a month.

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