Married Down’s syndrome couple choose 23rd anniversary cards for each other – only to get heartwarming surprise –

After more than two decades of wedded bliss and countless special moments, it’s safe to say most couples know each other inside out.

And Maryanne, 46, and Tommy Pilling, 60, are no different – as they recently proved with their choice of anniversary cards for each other.

The happy couple, who both have Down’s syndrome, celebrated an incredible 23 years of marriage last month with their loved ones.

But when they handed each other the cards they had lovingly chosen, they were met with a heartwarming surprise – because they matched.

Maryanne’s card for her doting partner was a light green-blue colour, with the words: “For my amazing HUSBAND on our anniversary.”

And the one she received back was almost identical – but in a light pink colour and reading: “For my beautiful WIFE on our anniversary.”

Remarkably, the cards both had the same design.

The couple’s stunned loved ones shared an image of the cards on a Facebook page which follows Maryanne and Tommy’s romance.

They wrote: “The anniversary cards that Maryanne and Tom bought for each other….. I never realised they knew each other quite so well!!”

Maryanne and Tommy, who live together in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, tied the knot in a beautiful church ceremony in July 1995.

The beaming bride wore a Cinderella-style gown for the Shoeburyness service, while her groom donned a made-to-measure suit.

Almost a quarter of a century on, they remain happily married, sharing kisses and cuddles and making amazing memories every day.

Maryanne tells her husband she loves him three times a day, lights up when she speaks of him and enjoys going out to concerts with him.

But sadly, in recent years, Tommy has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease – and continues to display early signs of the condition.

He is getting more forgetful, while it is becoming harder for him to speak and be understood by those who aren’t close to him.

Maryanne’s mum Linda Martin explained what she and other loved ones have told her daughter about Tommy’s condition and the future.

“At the moment, we just say that Tommy is getting older and he forgets things, and he needs a bit more care,” she said in a recent podcast.

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