Living with MS and Remaining Positive – Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Living with multiple sclerosis (MS) could be compared to having an annoying house guest who never leaves. You can tolerate them at first, but soon your nerves and resilience wear thin.

You try to accept and adapt to the house guest, but you never give up on trying to get them to pack up and move on.

Eventually, there comes the realization that they are planning on an extended stay and you will need to adjust to that. You don’t know how long the house guest or the MS are going to be with you, so you are forced to find a way to be positive and co-exist.

MS is challenging by itself and remaining positive with this unpredictable disease can be overwhelming. So how are we supposed to do it?

Positivity is something I have to work on. For me, the start of each day is difficult. I awaken, I am sluggish, and my body is sore. I don’t feel like getting out of bed. I eventually convince myself that I will feel better after moving around and having a cup of tea. And I do feel better — the walking, doing morning chores, and the tea help me. The choice I make to be positive not only helps my sore body, but it also encourages me to have a more positive outlook on my day.

I will admit my self-talk does not always promote positivity. Sometimes, I can tell myself it is better to rest than to exercise, or that it would be more comfortable to stay at home, rather than to go out. I try to be aware of those nagging voices and to counter the negative with a positive.

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