Linguist Rachel asks date Michael to take clothes off in Spanish – Daily Mail

The Undateables returned for a new series last night and viewers were left in hysterics as budding linguist Rachel asked her date Michael, who has Aspergers, to take his clothes off in Spanish – before he launched into a song about death.

Michael, 33, a stablehand who lives in Surrey and has been single for 14 years, was paired with 36-year-old Rachel, who is autistic.

Keen to hear her Spanish skills, he asked her to say something – but was surprised to find out what the translation meant.

‘Take off all your clothes,’ she replied cheekily. ‘Gladly,’ he giggled, before bursting into Klingon – a song about death.

And viewers were laughing along at the exchange, too.

One user wrote: ‘Ha, that Spanish translation, while another penned: ‘Take all your clothes off…I wasn’t expecting that!’

Someone else added: ‘Oh no mate, you were doing so well until you mentioned Klingon.’

The two soon hit if off and after agreeing to go on a second date, Michael could be seen whisking the linguist off to an experience with birds of prey.

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