‘Kind hearted’ shop assistant steps in to pamper customer with cerebral palsy – BBC News

A shop worker who painted the nails of one of her customers after she was turned away from a nail salon is being celebrated online.

Ebony Harris who works at a Walmart superstore in Burton, Michigan, in the US, painted the nails of Angela Peters on her lunch break.

Angela has Cerebral Palsy and had earlier been turned away from a nail salon within the superstore because she “moves too much”. The condition causes her muscles to shake involuntarily.

Angela who writes poems in her spare time and is a published author told the BBC the response she’d received since the post had been “overwhelming”.

Ebony often helps Angela do her shopping at Walmart.

Tasia Smith, who works at a restaurant also within the superstore, captured the moment Ebony painted Angela’s nails and posted pictures of the good deed online.

Her Facebook update has been reacted to more than 5,400 times and shared nearly 4,000 times since it was posted on 30 July.

“I think people like my story because I’ve been so positive about the whole thing,” said Angela. “I’ve not let what happened get me down.

“I’m grateful for what Ebony did for me.”

Angela does not want anyone at the nail salon to get in trouble over the incident and said she has put it behind her.

“I forgive the nail salon for not doing my nails and want to use this opportunity to educate others that people in wheelchairs like me can have our own businesses, which I do, and get our nails done like anyone else”.

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