Is the ketogenic diet good for multiple sclerosis? – Medical News Today

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that affects the nervous system, and some people believe that a ketogenic diet may slow the progression of the disease or control its symptoms. The ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrate, moderate in protein, and high in fat. There is currently not enough evidence to recommend it for everyone with multiple sclerosis.

Proponents of the ketogenic diet believe that it can help people lose weight and possibly reverse degenerative diseases. The ketogenic diet does offer some benefits, but people with multiple sclerosis (MS) need to consider certain factors before trying the diet.

Basis and benefits of the ketogenic diet

The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to encourage the body to switch from burning carbohydrates to burning fats.

The body usually turns the carbohydrates from food into the sugar glucose, which it then uses for energy or stores for later. Glucose is the body’s preferred fuel.

However, if a person starves their body of glucose by removing carbohydrates from their diet, the body will switch to using fats as its source of fuel instead.

People refer to this adaptation as ketosis, which gives the diet its name.

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