Is It an MS Diagnosis or Something Else? – Multiple Sclerosis News Today

I am told I have primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS), and my symptoms appear to be in line with that diagnosis. I continually have a slow gait, leg weakness, balance issues, and fatigue. There is never a break from those symptoms. Intermittently, I have cognitive issues, slurred speech, and burning leg cramps.

Over the past eight years, my MRIs have come back showing lesions on my brain and spine. Before 2010, I had symptoms but no visible lesions. Doctors have told me that the lesions on my spine look like they are multiple sclerosis (MS), but the ones on my brain do not.

My new neurologist explained that when MS is present, the lesions usually congregate more in the center of the brain. My lesions are few and scattered on the outer perimeter instead.

Due to that discrepancy, my doctor decided to order a blood test to search for neuromyelitis optica (NMO) antibodies, which are present in NMO, also known as Devic’s disease. Devic’s is a more aggressive disease than PPMS. Luckily, I tested negative for the NMO antibodies.

There are many diseases, disorders, syndromes, and conditions that can mimic MS. This can add challenges to the already-complicated process of diagnosing unpredictable MS.

The fact that my neurologist decided to check for another cause of my symptoms set my mind in motion. Could there be something my care team has been missing? Or is she just being extra cautious?

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