Hollyoaks newcomer Talia Grant opens up about her autism on Loose Women – Digital Spy

Hollyoaks actress Talia Grant opened up on Loose Women today (July 9) about her autism and joining the Channel 4 soap.

Talia – who is the daughter of vocal coach and TV presenter Carrie Grant – has high-functioning autism and is the first female actress who is autistic to land a mainstream role on British television.

After showing a clip of her character Brooke Hathaway, who also has autism, struggle with her surroundings, the Loose Women panel asked Talia if that’s what life is really like for her.

Talia replied: “I feel like my character is not exactly like how I am. There are some ways where she’s different, but it’s exciting to show one representation of autism for the people out there who do relate to that clip.”

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